FAQ's for the Festival


·        If you want to sit with a friend, you can order two or more tickets together.


·       The person ordering the tickets has to do the payment for everything in the order placed.


·       Installment plans are possible for Super VIP, VIP Gold, VIP and 3 Day Passes.


·       You can pay in max. 6 installments.


·       There are no fixed rates. If you want to pay in installments, please contact us before you order the tickets for approval of  your payment plan: kontakt@rockwood-events.com.


·        The 1st installment is due with the order and the last one has to be paid in December at the latest. The payments have to be on time according to the payment plan.


-     The time of the order placed is the time for the seat allocation. You'll keep that if you keep your approved personal installment plan. In case you don't pay your installments in the time we agreed on, you loose your seat allocation and get the last seat in that category.


·       You can upgrade your Tickets (if available) from February to April 2020. In case the Tickets you want are not available, you can put your name down on a waiting list. After April you can only buy the new Ticket and have to sell your “old” Ticket.


·       You’ll get an order confirmation after every order you placed.

In order to avoid for you to print out every confirmation after each order, you'll get a complete Ticket confirmation/E-Ticket with all orders placed and paid, a week prior to the event, which you’ll print out and bring to the Registration to get it exchanged into your pass and physical tickets.


·      The Tickets for the Unplugged Lounges and the Brunch will go on sale, when all guests are announced.


·      You can either bring a print out of your complete Ticket confirmation or show it on your phone or tablet.


·       Star Guests are all Supernatural Guests (Gil McKinney, Lisa Berry, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Rob Benedict), Louden Swain & Jason Manns.


-   The Photo Ops sold online are the official Photo Ops which are all included in the SUPER VIP Ticket. Additional Photo Op options we might offer at the Festival are not included in the SUPER VIP Ticket.


·        The detailed schedule with Photo op times and Unplugged Lounges will be handed out at registration.


·       Passes can be bought online until April 30th 2023.


·       Everything that is still available on Passes and Extras can still be bought at Registration. Please note it’s cash only.


·       We're planning to offer you your Photo Ops as JPEG's at the Festival approx. from Sunday afternoon to early evening. That depends on how fast we are with the printing process.


·       We're having USB Sticks for that ready for you to buy for 15,- Euro including one Photo op. Every additional JPEG Photo op costs 8,- Euro.


·       You can also order your JPEG's after the Festival. Every JPEG send via Email costs 8,- Euro.


·       We’re doing our best to have all Photo ops printed for the autograph sessions, but can’t guarantee it. If you want to be on the safe side, either plan some/most/all photo ops on Saturday, and have them signed on Sunday and/or bring sth. to get signed.


·       There can be max. two attendees in the picture with one ticket, but there will be only one print out per ticket.


-   Please be aware that you have to be on time for your Photo ops. There is no entitlement for missed Photo ops at a later time or the next day.


- No (open) Food or Drinks are allowed in the Photo op Room.


- Please leave your bags in the waiting Hall at Photo ops.


- As there is only a limited time for each Photo op, please be prepared how you want to pose in your Photo op and have an easy way to explain to our artists - please refrain from lying down on the floor as it is exhausting for our artists or too many props.


·       For SUPER VIP Ticket holder - All autographs included means, one autograph from each guest even if they are in more than one Band.


·       If you have presents for our guests, you can hand them over at the autograph session.


·       Our guests love the relaxed and respectful atmosphere at the Festival. So please refrain from stalking them when they walk around or you meet them in the Restaurant. And please don't ask them to take selfies at the Backstage Party or Brunch or when you meet them in the hallway or at any other events.


- For those who love to dance....we'll have a dance area in the back of the main theatre. Please stay in this marked area...so you can enjoy the dancing and the other attendees can watch it undisturbed attheir seats. The Friday concert is a standing concert....so enjoy :)  


- No Video or Audio recording is allowed at the Backstage Party, Unplugged Lounges, Brunch and Autograph Session. Also please keep the atmosphere casual, so no pictures at these events.


·         You are allowed to bring Professional cameras. Picture taking is only allowed from your seat at all events taking place on the stage in the Main Theatre.