Ticket Price List 2021



 Tickets will go on sale February 22nd at 1 pm German time. In the hope it makes it a little easier for you to get the Ticket you want, SUPER VIP Tickets go on sale at 1 pm, VIP Gold Tickets at 1.15 pm, VIP Tickets at 1.30 pm and 3 Day Tickets and all other Passes at 1.45 pm. That way when you didn't get your first choice of Ticket, you have another chance with the next one.


 SUPER VIP Pass 1035,- Euro

VIP GOLD Pass 610,- Euro

VIP Pass 360,- Euro

3 Day Pass 285,- Euro

2 Day Pass Friday/Saturday 210,- Euro

2 Day Pass Saturday/Sunday 220,- Euro

1 Day Pass Saturday 115,- Euro

1 Day Pass Sunday 115,- Euro